IGNOU Study Material for B.lib course

INGOU Study Material for B.lib course / SET/NET & other Library Science Exams

The study materials provided by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) for the Bachelor of Library and Information Science (B.Lib) course, as well as for various competitive exams like State Eligibility Test (SET), National Eligibility Test (NET), and other recruitment exams conducted by government organizations such as SSC, DSSSB, KVS, NVS, and state/central government bodies, are designed to serve as comprehensive resources for aspirants in the field of library science.

Key Aspects of IGNOU Study Materials for Library Science Exams:

  1. In-Depth Coverage: The study materials are structured to cover a wide range of topics relevant to library and information science, catering to the syllabus requirements of various competitive exams.
  2. Focused Approach: The content is tailored to align with the specific syllabi and exam patterns of different competitive exams, ensuring that candidates are well-prepared for the type of questions they can expect.
  3. Updated Content: The study materials are regularly updated to include the latest developments in the field, keeping candidates informed about current trends and changes.
  4. Practice Questions: The materials often include practice questions, model papers, and previous years’ question papers to help candidates assess their understanding and practice for the actual exam.
  5. Concept Clarity: The study materials emphasize clarity of concepts, making it easier for candidates to grasp the core principles of library science.
  6. Accessible Learning: Designed for both self-paced learners and those attending regular classes, the study materials are structured to be accessible and user-friendly.
  7. Suitable for Various Exams: Whether preparing for B.Lib exams, SET, NET, or recruitment exams by government bodies, the study materials provide a solid foundation for success.
  8. Exam-Oriented Approach: The study materials often incorporate strategies and techniques for efficient exam preparation, including time management and effective study methods.

IGNOU’s study materials for library science exams serve as valuable resources for candidates aiming to excel in competitive exams conducted by various government bodies. By providing comprehensive coverage, practice questions, and up-to-date content, these materials contribute to candidates’ preparation and understanding of the subject matter.


INGOU Study material for B.Lib. Course


Course Code Course Name View Link
BLI – 221 Library & Information Society View
BLI – 222 Information Sources & Services View
BLI – 223 Organizing & Managing Information View
BLI – 224 ICT Fundamentals View
BLI – 225 Communication Skills View
BLI – 226 Management of Library & Information Centre View
BLI – 227 Document Processing : Practice View
BLI – 228 Information Products & Services View
BLI – 229 ICT in Libraries View

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