BLI – 221 Library & Information Society IGNOU Notes

BLI – 221 Library & Information Society IGNOU Notes


BLI-221 Library & Information Society is a course that delves into the critical role of libraries and information services within society. Libraries have evolved beyond traditional repositories of books to become dynamic hubs of information, learning, and community engagement. This course aims to provide students with insights into the broader implications of libraries and information services in shaping knowledge dissemination, education, and social development.

Key Topics Covered in BLI-221 Library & Information Society:

  1. Introduction to Library Science: An overview of the history, evolution, and significance of libraries as institutions of information access and knowledge preservation.
  2. Library Services and Functions: Exploring the various services offered by modern libraries, including reference assistance, cataloging, collection development, digital resources, and information literacy programs.
  3. Information Access and Retrieval: Understanding the principles of effective information search and retrieval, including databases, indexing, and search strategies.
  4. Library Management: Introduction to the management aspects of libraries, covering topics like budgeting, staffing, space planning, and technology integration.
  5. Information Ethics and Intellectual Freedom: Exploring ethical considerations related to access, censorship, privacy, and intellectual freedom in the context of information services.
  6. Digital Libraries and Technology: Overview of digital libraries, online resources, electronic databases, and the role of technology in transforming information access.
  7. Community Engagement: Understanding how libraries serve as community centers, fostering cultural enrichment, education, and social interaction through events, workshops, and outreach programs.
  8. Role of Librarians: Exploring the evolving role of librarians as information professionals, educators, and advocates for information literacy.
  9. Information Literacy: Discussing the importance of information literacy skills in evaluating, using, and creating information effectively.
  10. Challenges and Future Trends: Addressing challenges faced by libraries in the digital age, such as fake news, digital divide, and the evolving landscape of information. Also, examining future trends in library services.

BLI-221 Library & Information Society seeks to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted nature of libraries and information services. It highlights the impact of libraries on education, research, and community development, while also emphasizing the ethical and social responsibilities of information professionals. This course prepares students to engage with the evolving information landscape and contribute meaningfully to the enrichment of society through effective information management and access.


Block BLI – 221 Library & Information Society Read Download in Hindi Download in English
Block 1 Library & Information Social Perspective Read Download Download
Block 2 Library & Information Legislation Read Download Download
Block 3 Resource Sharing & Library Networks Read Download Download
Block 4 Library & Information Profession & Related Agencies Read Download Download

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