BLI – 222 Information Sources & Services IGNOU Notes

BLI – 222 Information Sources & Services IGNOU Notes


“BLI-222 Information Sources & Services” is a course offered by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) that focuses on providing students with a comprehensive understanding of various information sources and services available in the context of libraries and information centers. The course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively locate, evaluate, and provide access to information for diverse user needs.

Key Concepts Covered in BLI-222 Information Sources & Services:

  1. Introduction to Information Sources: An overview of different types of information sources, both traditional and digital, including books, journals, newspapers, electronic databases, and websites.
  2. Reference Services: Exploring the principles and practices of reference services, including reference interview techniques, information searching strategies, and providing accurate and timely information to users.
  3. Bibliographic Control and Cataloging: Understanding the importance of standardized cataloging and metadata creation for organizing and retrieving information resources within library collections.
  4. Document Delivery Services: Examining methods for efficiently delivering information to users, including interlibrary loan, document delivery, and resource sharing.
  5. Specialized Information Sources: Exploring specialized resources in various disciplines, such as subject-specific databases, government documents, patents, standards, and more.
  6. Electronic Resources and Online Searching: Introduction to electronic databases, online catalogs, and search strategies for effectively accessing and retrieving information from digital sources.
  7. User Education and Information Literacy: Understanding the role of information professionals in promoting information literacy and educating users on how to navigate and utilize information sources effectively.
  8. Current Awareness Services: Exploring methods for keeping users informed about the latest developments in their fields of interest through services like current awareness alerts and selective dissemination of information.
  9. Multimedia Resources: Introduction to non-textual information sources, including audio, video, and multimedia materials, and their organization and retrieval.
  10. Ethical Considerations: Discussing ethical considerations in information services, including copyright, plagiarism, intellectual property rights, and user privacy.

“BLI-222 Information Sources & Services” offered by IGNOU aims to provide students with a well-rounded understanding of the diverse range of information sources available and how to effectively connect users with the information they need. The course also emphasizes the evolving nature of information services in the digital age and equips students with the skills to adapt to new technologies and information formats.

Block BLI –222 Information Sources & Services Read Download in Hindi Download in English
Block 1 Documentary Sources Read Download Download
Block 2 Non-Documentary Sources Read Download Download
Block 3 Information Services Read Download Download
Block 4 Information use & User studies Read Download Download

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