BLI – 225 Communication Skills  IGNOU Notes

BLI – 225 Communication Skills  IGNOU Notes

“BLI-225 Communication Skills” is a course offered by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) that focuses on enhancing students’ communication abilities in various contexts, including academic, professional, and interpersonal settings. The course aims to develop students’ language skills, presentation skills, and overall communication effectiveness.

Key Concepts Covered in BLI-225 Communication Skills:

  1. Importance of Communication: Understanding the significance of effective communication in personal and professional life.
  2. Verbal Communication: Developing language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and fluency in spoken communication.
  3. Nonverbal Communication: Exploring the role of body language, gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact in conveying messages.
  4. Listening Skills: Enhancing active listening skills to understand and respond effectively to spoken information.
  5. Written Communication: Improving writing skills for various purposes, such as emails, reports, essays, and formal documents.
  6. Presentation Skills: Developing skills in organizing and delivering effective presentations, including visual aids and public speaking techniques.
  7. Interpersonal Communication: Understanding the dynamics of one-on-one and small group interactions, including conflict resolution and active participation.
  8. Cross-Cultural Communication: Sensitivity to cultural differences and adapting communication styles in diverse contexts.
  9. Effective Reading Skills: Strategies for comprehending and extracting information from various types of written materials.
  10. Media Literacy: Critical evaluation of media messages and understanding the impact of media on communication.

“BLI-225 Communication Skills” offered by IGNOU aims to equip students with the communication skills necessary for success in both academic and professional environments. Effective communication is a crucial skill in various fields, and this course seeks to enhance students’ ability to express themselves clearly, listen actively, and engage with others in a confident and effective manner.

Block BLI – 225 Communication Skills Read Download in Hindi Download in English
Block 1 Communication Fundamental Read Download Download
Block 2 Preparing for Job Interview Read Download Download
Block 3 Workplace Skills Read Download Download
Block 4 The Writing Skills Read Download Download
Block 5 Advance Writing Skills Read Download Download


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