BLI – 229 ICT in Libraries IGNOU Study Material

BLI – 229 ICT in Libraries IGNOU Notes

BLI-229: ICT in Libraries

Course Description: BLI-229 is a comprehensive course that explores the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in modern libraries. This course delves into the integration of technology to enhance library services, streamline operations, and facilitate access to information resources. Participants will gain insights into various ICT tools, digital resources, and innovative practices that are transforming traditional libraries into dynamic and user-centric information hubs.

Course Highlights:
  • Understanding the evolution of libraries in the digital age.
  • Exploring the significance of ICT in expanding library services.
  • Learning about library management systems, digital catalogs, and online databases.
  • Examining the impact of ICT on information organization and retrieval.
  • Exploring digital preservation and archiving techniques.
  • Discovering best practices in providing virtual reference services.
  • Investigating the role of social media and online platforms in library outreach.
  • Addressing privacy, security, and ethical considerations in ICT implementation.
  • Case studies showcasing successful integration of ICT in libraries.
  • Hands-on experience with relevant software and tools.
BLI – 229 ICT in Libraries IGNOU Notes
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