IGNOU Syllabus for B.Lib. Course 

IGNOU Syllabus for B.Lib. Course

Introduction to B.Lib Syllabus

The Bachelor of Library and Information Science (B.Lib) program is designed to equip students with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for effective management and dissemination of information in various types of libraries and information centers. In a rapidly evolving information landscape, where access to knowledge is paramount, this program plays a crucial role in training individuals to become information professionals capable of preserving, organizing, and making information accessible to diverse user communities.

The B.Lib syllabus encompasses a comprehensive range of subjects that cover the principles and practices of librarianship, information organization, and information technology. It also delves into the legal and ethical aspects of information management, emphasizing the importance of complying with relevant legislation and professional standards.

Throughout the program, students are exposed to various aspects of library science, including the societal context of libraries and information services, the classification and cataloging of materials, digital library technologies, and the development of communication and management skills crucial for success in the field.

As information becomes increasingly digital and interconnected, the B.Lib program also incorporates the study of information and communication technologies (ICT) that play a pivotal role in modern libraries and information centers. Students are introduced to the basics of ICT, library automation, digitization, and digital libraries.

Furthermore, the program emphasizes the importance of effective communication skills, both written and oral, which are essential for library professionals to interact with users, colleagues, and stakeholders.

The B.Lib syllabus is structured into several blocks, each addressing specific facets of library and information science, enabling students to develop a well-rounded understanding of the field. Graduates of this program are prepared to work in various library settings, information centers, and organizations, where they can contribute significantly to the management and dissemination of knowledge resources.

With the ever-growing demand for information professionals who can navigate the complex world of information and technology, the B.Lib program provides a strong foundation for individuals aspiring to pursue careers in the dynamic and rewarding field of library and information science.

IGNOU Syllabus for B.Lib. Course

BLI 221: Library, Information and Society

  • Block 1: Library and Information in Societal Perspective
  • Block 2: Library, Information and Related Legislation
  • Block 3: Resource Sharing and Library Networks
  • Block 4: Library and Information Profession and Related Agencies

BLI 222: Information Sources and Services

  • Block 1: Documentary Sources
  • Block 2: Non-Documentary Sources
  • Block 3: Information Services
  • Block 4: Information Use and User Studies

BLI 223: Organizing and Managing Information

  • Block 1: Classification
  • Block 2: Cataloguing
  • Block 3: Indexing
  • Block 4: Recent Developments

BLI 224: ICT Fundamentals

  • Block 1: Basics of ICT
  • Block 2: Middleware Technologies
  • Block 3: Network Fundamentals
  • Block 4: Internet Tools and Services

BLI 225: Communication Skills

  • Block 1: Communication Fundamentals
  • Block 2: Preparing for the Job Interview
  • Block 3: Workplace Skills
  • Block 4: Writing Skills
  • Block 5: Advanced Writing Skills

BLI 226: Management of Library and Information Centre

  • Block 1: Principles and Practices of Management
  • Block 2: Library Functions and Operations
  • Block 3: Financial Management
  • Block 4: Human Resource Management

BLIE 227: Document Processing: Practice

  • Block 1: Classification – Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)
  • Block 2: Cataloguing – AACR 2R and MARC 21
  • Block 3: Indexing – Sears List of Subject Headings

BLIE 228: Information Products and Services

  • Block 1: Conventional Products and Services
  • Block 2: Special Products and Services
  • Block 3: Document Delivery Service
  • Block 4: Web Products and Services

BLIE 229: ICT in Libraries

  • Block 1: Library Automation
  • Block 2: Digitization and Digital Libraries – D-Space and GSDL

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