Becoming a Digital Library edited by Susan J. Barnes – ebook

 Becoming a Digital Library edited by Susan J. Barnes – eBook 
Publisher: Marcel Dekker, INC. 

This book focuses on the development and management of a digital library. The ‘‘digital library’’ subject domain includes topics and technologies that change with every nanosecond, so any book on the subject is doomed to instant obsolescence. New developments explode upon the scene while authors struggle to formulate the words to describe existing services. In the face of that mutability, we have chosen to focus on the human and organisational aspects of creating andrunningadigitallibraryinanacademicenvironment.Wehave made an effort in this book to present concepts that will remain meaningful even after the early days of the twenty-first century have receded into the past. Digital library territory is so vast, diverse, dispersed, interdisciplinary, and complex that there is not even a generally agreed-upon definition of ‘‘digital library,’’ which is used in a wide variety of areas of research and practice. Here, in this book, our digital library is very specific one: the Albert R. Mann Library of Cornell University. A hybrid of virtual and physical resources, Mann’s collection has been carefully chosen and organized to serve a defined user group. It is available to users in a library building on a university campus in upstate New York, as well as to the world through international computer networks. It is a production and service operation, and also the site of research projects.

Becoming a Digital Library edited by Susan J. Barnes – eBook 

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