Hunter Commission

On February 3, 1882, Lord Ripon (Viceroy of India) appointed the first Indian Education Commission with ‘William Hunter’ as chairman and 20 other as members. Sir William Hunter  a member of the executive council of Viceroy. William Hunter was an Indian Civil service

                         Name : William Hunter (Former Solicitor General of Scotland  
Date Birth : 15, July, 1840.

        Date of Died : 6, February, 1900.

           Province : Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
                                    Education : B.A From Glasgow University, Paris & Bonn, in 1860. He had also acquired a knowledge of Sanskrit. 

Lord Ripon Viceroy of India

                             Full Name : George Frederick Samuel 

                        Date of Birth : 24 October 1827.
              Date of Died : 9 July 1909.
                                Location : London, United Kingdom.

                                  11th Viceroy of India (1880 to 1884).

Hunter Commission Recommendation for Primary Education

1. Responsibility for there primary education must be given to local boards and municipal boards.

2. The elementary schools should be handed over to the management of ‘Municipal Councils’ and ‘District Boards’ and other bodies subject to inspection and supervision by government.

Hunter Commission Recommendation for Secondary Education

1. The commission recommended that the secondary Schools should be progressively handed over to the private enterprises, which should be encouraged in form of grants – in – aid.

2. Grant – in – aid for Indigenous Schools.

3. The commission recommended grants – in – aid for indigenous schools on the basis of payment by results.

4. Emphasis on Moral and Physical education.

5. There should be literary and vocational training in secondary education.

6. The commission brought out at inadequate facilities available for the female education in the country.
7. Special attention should be paid towards development of education among ‘Muslims’.

Hunter Commission suggestion on University/Higher Education for improvement.

 1. The commission has observed that at the time of giving grant it should be seen that the educational Institutions well utilized the given grant.

2. The grant should be determined keeping in view the strength of teachers and students, need and capacity of the Institution.

3. The Colleges engaged in higher education should be given sufficient grants for experimental laboratories, reading rooms, equipment, Science rooms, buildings and furniture etc.


1. The Commission left the organization of the curriculum on provincial governments. they should organize the same in their respective areas according to the needs of the locality concerned.

2. The commission also suggested that subjects useful for life should be incorporated in the curriculum.
3. It Opined that ‘Agriculture, ‘Physical  trigonometry’, ‘Geography’. ‘Medicine’ and ‘Accountancy’ Should be in the curriculum, because these subjects were closely related with life. 

# The Commission produced a report of  about 700 pages within 10 Months.

Objective type questions on Hunter Commission asked in various exam. 

1. The Hunter Commission report, special emphasis was laid on the development of ……..

A. Girls Education
B. Higher Education
C. Technical Education
D. Primary Education

Answer : D

2. Which of the following gave the suggestion to divide the secondary level curriculum into Course-A and Course-B?
A. Wood’s Despatch.
B. Wood & Abbot report 
C. Hunter Commission
D. Mudaliar Commission

Answer : C


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