Assistant Librarian job at Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University, Junagadh

Assistant Librarian job at Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University, Junagadh


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Assistant Librarian job at Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University, Junagadh

Post: Assistant Librarian

Details Description
Pay Scale 57700 -182400 (Level 10)
Posts Available 01
Category General
Minimum Qualifications A Master‘s Degree in Library Science, Information Science, or Documentation Science or an equivalent professional degree with at least 55% marks. Must have cleared the National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted by the UGC, CSIR, or similar test accredited by the UGC like SLET/SET or have been awarded a Ph.D. Degree as per UGC norms.
Experience Minimum 03 years of relevant experience in a recognized Institute/ University of State/ Centre Govt. organization.
Age Limit 45 years
Application Deadline Online Application Ends: April 3, 2024
Last Date for Hardcopy Submission: April 9, 2024
How to Apply Apply online and submit two hard copies of the application with all required documents before the deadline.
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Mah – SET Exam – Library & Information Science held on 26 March 2023 (Online Quiz)




#1. What is the purpose of literature review ?

#2. Q. Match the following : List I (a) Statistical bibliography (b) Librametry (c) Bibliometrics (d) Scientometrics List II (i) Allen Pritchard (ii) V.V. Nalimov (iii) E.W. Hulme (iv) S.R. Ranganathan

#3. Q. Statement (A) : The Information Technology Act is passed in 2005. Statement (B) : The Right to Information Act, (RTI) is passed in 2000.

#4. Q. Match the following : List I (a) Information Society (b) Network Society (c) Father of Information theory (d) Father of Information Science List II (i) Paul Otlet (ii) Claude E. Shannon (iii) Fritz Machlup (iv) Jan Van Dijk

#5. Q. .......... and ............. are known as the fathers of Information Science. (i) Paul Otlet (ii) Alxander Mikhailov (iii) Henry La Fontaine (iv) S.R. Ranganathan

#6. Q. Which are the barriers in communication ? (i) Language (ii) Financial (iii) Technical (iv) Message

#7. Q. Statement (A) : ‘Turnitin’ is a digital library software. Statement (B) : Plagiarism check is a process of detecting similarity in thesis.

#8. Q. Select the correct sequence of the human thought process :

#9. Q. Berne convention is concerned with ...............

#10. Q. Who is associated with ‘Knowledge Society’ ?

#11. Q. Who developed a Library Software Package ‘‘Maitrayee’’ ?

#12. Q. Special Library Association was established in the year :

#13. Q. DESIDOC has developed ........... Library Automation Software.

#14. Q. The first well known committee on Regional Public Libraries is the ‘Library Development Committee’, Bombay 1939-40, headed by .........

#15. Q. Which are the Indigenous Library Associations ? (i) IFLA (ii) IASLIC (iii) ILA (iv) ALA

#16. Q. Which of the following awards are given by IATLIS ? (i) Motiwale Award (ii) Prof. A.K. Mukherjee Award (iii) Prof. S.P. Narang Award (iv) Mrs. Ratna Laxman Rao Award

#17. Q. Which of the following are the data analysis methods used for user studies ? (i) Statistical analysis (ii) Citation analysis (iii) Semantic analysis (iv) Facet analysis.

#18. Q. Arrange the following Professional Association in order of their establishment : (i) ASIS (ii) SLA (iii) LAUK (iv) ASLIB

#19. Q. Identify the correct order in which the following Library Committees were set up : (i) Gopal Rao Ekbote Committee (ii) V. Gopalkrishnayya Committee (iii) D.P. Chattopadhyaya Committee (iv) Sinha Committee

#20. Q. Assertion (A) : Public Relations is an effort of a library to increase the number of its users and to maximize its use. Reason (R) : Extension service informs the users about its resources, services and their utility.

#21. Q. Assertion (A) : The Association for Information Management still uses the acronym ASLIB. Reason (R) : ASLIB earned a great reputation by its record of professional service to sustain the acronym.

#22. Q. Assertion (A) : While planning a library building there should be provision for horizontal and vertical expansion. Reason (R) : Library is a growing organism.

#23. Q. ‘AERADE’ is a ............

#24. Q. Which of the following is an example of primary document ?

#25. Q. The Manupatra database provides information related with ........... subject.

#26. Q. Which of the following is not the criteria used for evaluation of reference books ?

#27. Q. Which one of the following is correctly matched ? (i) Who’s Who of Indian Writers— Sahitya Academy (ii) India : A Reference Annual— Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (iii) India Who’s Who—INFA (iv) Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science—RRRLF

#28. Q. Assertion (A) : INDEST started J-Gate as a customized facility for e-journals subscribed by the member libraries. Reason (R) : J-gate provides facility to search resources subscribed by the member libraries.

#29. Q. Assertion (A) : Indexing periodicals provide brief summary of articles. Reason (R) : They provide only list of articles along with the title, authors and other bibliographic details of articles.

#30. Q. Arrange the following in the chronological order of their first year of publication : (i) Arts and Humanities Index (ii) Social-Science Citation Index (iii) ISI Web of Science (iv) Science Citation Index

#31. Q. Which of the following does not come under alerting services ?

#32. Q. ‘Skype’ is which type of service ?

#33. Q. Guide to literature are categorised in which of the following type of sources of Information ?

#34. Q. e-Shodhsindhu is developed by merging of which of the following consortia ? (i) UGC-INFONET DLC (ii) DELNET (iii) N-LIST (iv) INDEST-AICTE

#35. Q. Which of the following are responsive services ? (i) Reference service (ii) Current awareness service (iii) Translation service (iv) User education program

#36. Q. Statement (A) : Abstracting services facilitates literature services. Statement (B) : Literature review summarises major findings of previous research.

#37. Q. Statement (A) : SDI services from libraries are not required by users due to more usage of internet and World Wide Web. Statement (B) : Another facilities analogous to SDI services like alert, current awareness tools, trackers like RSS, TOC also provides relevant information needed by users.

#38. Q. Match the following : List I (a) Bibliographic services (b) Alert services (c) Condensation services (d) Support services List II (i) E-mail to users about current e-journals (ii) Translated copy of document (iii) Compilation of records (iv) Abstracting and analysis of information

#39. Q. Match the following : List I (a) OCLC (b) INFLIBNET (c) IISC (d) NLM List II (i) Biomed (ii) Web-Dewey (iii) N-List (iv) Digital Library of India

#40. Q. Match the following : List I (a) Responsive service (b) Anticipatory service (c) E-mail reference service (d) Real time digital reference service List II (i) Selective Dissemination of Information (ii) ASK ME (iii) Ask a question (iv) Reference service


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